head-113927_640We're forever trying to find ways to do more in the finite number of hours in the day. More creativity, more productivity, more efficiency. It seems to be a never ending cycle. The problem, of course, is that once the low-hanging fruit has been picked, where do you go next? After you've organized yourself optimally, cut all the fat and fluff out of your day, extended your working hours, what else is there? How can you take productivity to the next level?

What follows are two ways that you may not have thought of, which can really work for you.

Polyphasic Sleep

Here's a good trivia question you can pull out at parties; Aside from being geniuses, what do the following people all have in common: Buckminster Fuller, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla?

They were all polyphasic sleepers.

That's a fancy way of saying they took several short naps throughout the day, rather than getting a single sleeping period of eight hours. The difference is compelling. An average of five thirty minute power naps a day; that's what the people on the list above got by on.A total sleep time of two and a half hours. That's five and a half hours added to your day. Each day. Every day. Forever.

What could you accomplish with an extra five and a half hours added to your day? Take a look at the men and woman on the list above, and wrap your brain around all that they were able to accomplish. That's a good list to be on, and it makes polyphasic sleep something worth looking into.

One word of warning here. The vast bulk of the world isn't on this schedule. You'll have a lot more time to accomplish things, but it's not great for your social life. You'll be heading off to take a quick nap when your friends want to go to dinner, and while you're up working, the rest of the world will be fast asleep. That said, one need only look again at the names on the list and everything those people were able to accomplish to understand its power and potential.

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Do you know the problem with you? There's just one of you! We're not yet at the stage where you can clone yourself, so that's out of the question, but you can hire someone to do some of your work for you, and you can do it on the cheap. Go to Odesk or eLance and find the skills you need. Need some help pulling together a PowerPoint presentation next week? Need a Ghostwriter to help work on a new white paper? You can easily find those skills on the sites mentioned above, and you can get that work done for a song. Then, all you have to do is check it over and edit. If you live in one of the major metro areas served, you can even get more mundane tasks done like grocery shopping and picking up your dry cleaning. Head to TaskRabbit.com to hire someone to do those kinds of things for you, and free up yet more of your day.

Try both of these ideas out. You will be utterly amazed at how much more productive you can be!